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Requesting your credit report online or by phone is one of the best methods of acquiring it. Gone are the days when an individual had to wait in long lines at the bank or another financial institution before gaining access to their report. With the proliferation of the internet it has become easier than ever and far more comfortable to acquire your financial history and current scores at home.

The ability to garner a report or your three digit scores at home via the phone or the internet has vastly improved over time. In recent years the federal government has opted to set a ruling in place that affects how the three primary reporting agencies must deal with the average citizen. These agencies are responsible for keeping track of their information and as such citizens are eligible by law to view their credit report for free once per calendar year. However, this is not often enough for many individuals.

The truth is that even though the free annual credit report is useful it is not enough. An individual interested in protecting themselves from identity theft, repairing their credit, or maintaining their good name in regards to an excellent credit score will want to check their report at least once a month for each of the primary agencies.

Due to this fact there are many reporting agencies in the world now that specialize in allowing an interested party to view their financial information. Many of these agencies will offer free trial periods and are they are on excellent terms with the better business bureau. The free trial offer type will vary between the individual companies. Some of them are for a limited number of views within a few days. Other free trial versions might include unlimited access to an individual's information for two weeks to a month.

If the interested party decides they do not like the services offered they can simply cancel their membership in that company prior to the end of their free trial period. They will not be charged for the use of the service. Should the interested party desire to continue using the service they will typically find that they will be charged between fifteen and twenty-five dollars a month. This is entirely reasonable and quite economical. Some companies want to charge an individual every time they access their report. A monthly membership with unlimited access for such a low price is a far better deal.

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