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Requesting your credit report online or by phone is one of the best methods of acquiring it. Gone are the days when an individual had to wait in long lines at the bank or another financial institution before gaining access to their report. With the proliferation of the internet it has become easier than ever and far more comfortable to acquire your financial history and current scores at home.

The ability to garner a report or your three digit scores at home via the phone or the internet has vastly improved over time. In recent years the federal government has opted to set a ruling in place that affects how the three primary reporting agencies must deal with the average citizen. These agencies are responsible for keeping track of their information and as such citizens are eligible by law to view their credit report for free once per calendar year. However, this is not often enough for many individuals.

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Your Credit Score - Why is it a Secret?

Isn't it bizarre that something that's so crucial to our financial credibility can be kept from us? The most important information that exists about your financial worthiness, your ability to obtain loans, mortgages or credit cards, even to get a job, is never disclosed to you.

Have you ever asked yourself why? We sometimes hear banks and credit card companies mutter this phrase 'the credit score', (as distinct from credit report or credit history) but if you ask them for more information on how it's calculated, there's much finger wagging, teeth sucking and head shaking.

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